Top Asian hangover cures

We’ve all experienced it—the morning after a crazy night of pounding down shots like it’s water, and then feeling like death the day after. I’ve been told that beer is the best cure for a hangover, but that’s probably the last thing I will turn to when the smell of anything alcohol-related induces a gag reflex.

Instead, I typically find myself turning to a lot of Asian foods or drinks to cure a hangover. I don’t do so just because I’m Asian, but I do so because they actually work! So here’s a list of my top Asian hangover cures for the next time you party a little too hard:

1. Coconut water


I’ve been a fan of coconut water before it started coming in the form of overpriced, trendy packaged bottles. When I lived in Singapore, I loved sipping on fresh coconut juice straight from the real fruit. With all the sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and enzymes contained in this drink, you’re sure to feel hydrated and refreshed.

2.  Sundubu jjigae

Sundubu Jjigae

This bubbling hot and spicy Korean soup made out of tofu, seafood, and topped with the glorious raw egg is a dish I actually like to eat right after a night of partying to prevent a hangover the morning after. Eat it with a bowl of rice and you’ll be sure to soak up all the alcohol before passing out.

3. Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice

Along with coconut water, aloe vera juice is also another go-to drink of mine. Not only is it refreshing but because aloe is good for your skin, I’m convinced drinking it helps hydrate my dehydrated skin and gets rid of my nasty headache.

4. Congee


My mother always fed me congee whenever I got sick. I suppose a hangover can be considered a “sickness.” A hot bowl of rice porridge topped with century egg, salted pork, and ginger is the ultimate comfort food.

5. Pho


This is the mother of all hangover foods. Nothing beats a hot bowl of beef noodle soup topped with a squirt of Sriracha to wake you up. The sweet beef broth is the perfect way to hydrate and fill your empty stomach up without making you feel gross or stuffed after.

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