Learn your Asian sauces from the Fung Bros

We all know Sriracha is the mother of all Asian sauces, but let’s not forget about soy sauce, fish sauce, and wasabi! Every time I go to the condiment section of an Asian supermarket, I’m overwhelmed by all the different sauces there are. Oftentimes, I’ve wondered what country each sauce is from and what foods to pair them with. If you’ve ever wondered where all these sauces come from, let the Fung Brothers help you out with this awesome video about Asian sauces.

But they did leave out one very important sauce: oyster sauce.  I’ve always wondered if it’s really made from oysters . . .  I guess it’ll remain a mystery.


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  • Somewhat surprised not to see Maggi on the list. Even though it’s straight outta Switzerland, all my Asian friends think it’s from somewhere in Asia. Viet friends even pronounce it “ma zi.”

  • Jen

    Hey…so the oyster sauce is made from the juices of oysters…unless you get the vegetarian oyster sauce (which is my fave). I’m allergic to shellfish, so having the alternative allows me to make some of my favorite dishes without worrying about a reaction 🙂