Beautiful video showcases cross-cultural love

News on TV can be pretty depressing, with stories of ethnic conflict and ongoing warfare. Thankfully, stories about cross-cultural relationships, such as AJ’s and Natalie’s, give us hope for humanity.  This mini-documentary shows two people from totally different worlds, defying the odds for the sake of love.

My favorite part is when AJ explains to his Chinese mom that his British-Spanish girlfriend, Natalie, is vegetarian.

“My mom’s first reaction was: ‘OK, she can eat chicken.’  I said, ‘No, no chicken.’  So she replied, ‘OK, fish then?”

In all seriousness, I gotta give props to Natalie for not only living in China as a vegetarian (not easy!) but for also mastering Mandarin (she busts out in Chinese at 4:35).

Film maker Jason Lee Wong created this as part of a series 10 mini-documentaries for the European Union in China.  Check out his other videos here.


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