Fobby must-haves: Sriracha to-go packets

One thing I miss about the McDonald’s and Burger King in Singapore are the packets of chili sauce they include with your meal. As popular as Sriracha is over here in the U.S., I always wondered why packets of Sriracha sauce are not offered at American fast food chains. Well, it looks like I can now conveniently carry packets of Sriracha with me on my next trip to the golden arches.  Asian food company, Lee Kum Kee, now sells individual travel-sized Sriracha packets for $0.10 each! Pair these packets with a “sprayracha” and you’ll always be prepared to give your food that extra spicy kick!


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  • They have sriracha at some fast food places here in LA! It’s almost always our LA-interpretation — Huy Fong. I’ve never seen authentic Thai sriracha at any :/