Japanese find beauty in “bagel heads”

Bagel head

When I think of bagels, I think of delicious carbs topped with cream cheese, not something I’d want my forehead to look like. However in Japan, there’s a trend to inject saline into your forehead and form it into the shape of a bagel. I couldn’t help but cringe watching the video demonstrating the procedure. It almost looks like a scene from a creepy sci-fi movie.

The bagel forehead creating process is pretty simple: “Technicians insert a needle into the forehead and inject about 400 cc of saline to create a forehead-sized blob. The practitioner then places his or her thumb into the blob to create the indentation.”  Luckily, the saline injections only last about 16 hours before the body absorbs it. This is probably not a beauty trend I would want to see become permanent.


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