Singapore’s National Day makes people want to have sex (and make babies!)

The most romantic holiday of the year is traditionally Valentine’s day. But in Singapore, there’s another holiday that will get couples hot and heavy — and that’s August 9, National Day. It’s the day Singapore officially declared independence from Malaysia in 1965. It was naturally a very groundbreaking moment in the island’s history, and who knew it would inspire Singaporean couples to procreate in years to come? Mentos Singapore created this awesome rap music video “to celebrate not just National Day, but National Night too — and help give our population spurt it so desperately needs.” Oh yeah, and if you’re in a friends with benefits relationship or you’re unemployed, don’t bother watching the video. The blurb in the YouTube video says, “Only financially secure adults in stable, committed, long-term relationships should participate.”

Nice try guys, but the over-the-top lyrics makes it hard to take the message seriously. Some classic lines:

  • “I’ll take your breath away like a sonic boom”
  • “It’s National Night, so let’s make fireworks ignite.”
  • “Like a government scholar, I want to cram real hard.”
  • “I want to tap you all night like an EZ link card.” (EZ link cards are basically smart cards that are used to pay for public transportation. It’s akin to the Clipper Card in San Francisco.)
  • “I’m a patriotic husband, you’re my patriotic wife, let me book into your camp and manufacture life.”
  • “Let’s put a bao in your oven.”

(Thanks, Sara!)

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