Why more Asian guys aren’t dating White girls

If you ever wonder why you don’t see more Asian guys coupling up with White girls, wonder no more! This mini documentary by a USC student and another student from the Communication University of China, gives insight into this phenomenon. It’s not sexual prowess, says one Chinese woman, because out of all her ex-boyfriends, the best one in bed was a Chinese guy from college.

Some of the guys in the video cite cultural differences as a barrier. One even says that he started to date a White girl at work, but it didn’t go well once he realized that she didn’t get his references to wuxia (Chinese fiction about martial artists) and the fiercely competitive college entrance exam in China or gaokao.

Another big cultural difference is the attitude towards dating. During a group discussion, the female Chinese interviewee says that in America, there are three distinctive steps of romance — dating, relationship, and marriage. She says that in China, people only start dating with marriage in mind. The group then jokingly (and maybe half seriously?) cites a famous Chairman Mao quote in unison: “When one loves another without considering marriage as the goal, it’s sexual harassment.”

My thoughts on the matter is that you’re always going to face cultural barriers if you date out of your race. My parents certainly did — my dad is Chinese but born and raised in the Philippines, while my Japanese mom was born and raised in Japan. Maybe that’s not as big of a gap as someone from Western culture dating an Asian, but I still think it’s a matter of embracing those differences. Both just need to have an open mind towards each other. But I guess having different marriage expectations can definitely be a hurdle. Still, I wonder why you see more Asian women dating White guys than vice versa. What do you think?

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