“Health” pills made of dead babies

Um, seriously?  In South Korea, customs officials are on the lookout for smugglers bringing in capsules filled with powdered human flesh, apparently from dead babies and fetuses.

Since last August, about 17,500 pills were found to have been smuggled from China.  The “medication” is taken to supposedly boost stamina and cure diseases.

Besides being totally disgusting and unethical, the pills are said to be full of bacteria, posing a health risk.  Korean officials are stepping up inspections on shipments from Northeast China to quell this nasty illegal substance.

It truly baffles me how we Chinese people can even think of eating the most ridiculous and gross things, all in the name of “health.”  But then again, people have been known to eat placentas, so maybe this is a weird version of that?


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  • Haru Yamada

    Like the movie, ???Ew! Spoiler: Same secret ingredient in the dumplings for eternal youth!