“Chork” makes eating fobby foods easier

Most us use forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks, and even sporks to eat. But personally, I think there needs to be a better eating utensil to eat fobby foods like rice and dumplings with. Maybe my chopstick skills aren’t up to par, but I can never pick up a slippery dumpling at a Dim Sum restaurant without the whole table watching me struggle.  And honestly, I would much prefer using a spoon or fork over chopsticks when eating rice. I only use chopsticks to live up to my Asian-ness.

Well, my eating problems have been solved with the invention of the “chork,” a fork and chopsticks hybrid. This practical,disposable utensil starts off as an elongated fork but can flipped around to be chopsticks. Now, you don’t have to be embarassed about your chopstick skills. In fact, you’ll probably look super cool using it! For $5.99, you can get a pack of 24 chorks here.


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