Chinese guy gets stabbed at ATM, doesn’t blink an eye

Just another day getting stabbed in China, no biggie.  That was the attitude of one man who, after jumping the queue for the ATM, gets stabbed in the shoulder.  The assaulter is another man who looks like he had been waiting in line.  Pissed off, he jumps over the glass booth and swiftly jabs a knife into the line-jumper’s shoulder.  The really incredible part is how the guy at the ATM doesn’t even flinch, and calmly completes his ATM transaction.  When he gets out of the booth, you can see the huge stains of blood on both his jacket and the floor.  WTF.


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  • Aariq

    Great police work there too. I love how the security guard waits for the crowd to restrain the stabber before he does anything at all. Also, I love how the stabber is just standing there, unrestrained, while the security guards talk to the bleeding guy.

  • Chris

    omg… I hope I never have to live in China. Crap on the US all you want, but at least the police here would be whooping ass if someone pulled out a knife and stabbed me!

  • alucard

    is this even real? shouldn’t the bleeding guy be in serious pain ?
    it really doesn’t make sense…