Study confirms what we already know: S’pore women are materialistic

We’ve already mentioned that luxury brands say Asia is their best market, so I’m not really surprised by a study done by the Singapore Management University, which concluded that Singaporean women are materialistic. Um hello, we could’ve told you that!

The study, published mid last year, found that the Singapore women polled ranked a guy’s social status is their top priority, followed by kindness, then a lively personality. As for the American participants, the women valued kindness the most, then looks, and then a guy’s social standing.

Personally, I really feel that the Singapore culture is definitely a lot more materialistic than where I live right now — San Francisco. I don’t know what it is, but I know Suzie said she felt the same way, too. I feel like in Singapore, it’s all about whether you’re driving the new beemer, whereas in SF, that hybrid car is way cooler because you’re saving the environment. I just don’t think people here feel the need to show off their wealth or care a lot about reaching the upper echelons of society. Suzie and I have talked a lot about this and we thought perhaps the SF culture is due to the very pervasive influence of the idea that in America, you can achieve anything you want with hard work and meritocracy. And that seems to be more admirable than simply being born wealthy.

But hey who knows, the results are probably skewed because of the city where the women were polled. The study pulled data from women in Illinois, and the results might’ve been different if they polled women in LA. And I do know S’porean women who aren’t materialistic.

OK, enough with being serious. Here are some funny comments from Singaporean readers regarding the study:

“This is total truth
We say Singapore girls look for 4 Cs or 5 Cs
C – Cash
C – Credit Card
C – Condo
C – Car
C – Company”

“Dumb. think so much for what, don’t get married la, save tons of worries.”

“Hey this is like totally shocking news. I really didn’t know! Who would’ve thought that? And recently I found out water is wet.”

“S’pore girls materialistic?
Fully agree;
Not only materialistic, but also choosy,
hoping to net a Big Fish.
In the end, most of them catch only
the ikan billis (dried anchovies), and decide to give up.
Not surprising many are left behind.”

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  • Mark

    “As for the American participants, the women valued kindness the most, then looks, and then a guy’s social standing.”

    Unless those polled women were hooked up to a polygraph machine when they were questioned, I wouldn’t take them at their word. What women say and what they do are completely different. Men in this country are very much aware that American women value money over anything else. The majority of married men earn more than their wives. And when married women do earn more than men, it’s usually the result of the husband losing his job. After which, divorce is practically imminent. Women initiate over 70% of divorces. The majority of which are filed for financial troubles. So regardless of how kind and attractive a man is, he will be abandoned when his finances are gone. What remains of his empire (house, car, etc) will be distributed to the ex-wife. After all, she earned it :/

    As much as I pity American males; I feel even more pity for Singaporean and Chinese men. At least American women (some) will date men who live in an apartment, or who aren’t in the most lucrative job. What’s even worse; when those Singaporean and Chinese men cannot find someone, they aren’t even permitted to engage in consensual sex with an escort. So men must suffer in silence. No sex, no compassion, no lifeline. Just a stark realization that women are, on average, hypergamous leeches, who only care about money. Is it any wonder that a dog is man’s best friend and diamonds are a woman’s?

  • John Tan

    I agree, very well writen..