Fobby must-haves: Sriracha sauce

OK, so who doesn’t love this spicy and tangy sauce? Whenever I need to give my food a boost of flavor, I can always rely on my handy bottle of Sriracha to give it that extra kick. In fact, I love it so much, I even dressed up as Sriracha last Halloween.

Manufactured by Huy Fong Foods, Sriracha is made out of red jalapeños, garlic powder, sugar, salt and vinegar. Inspired by the popularity of Heinz ketchup, David Tran, founder of Huy Fong Foods, decided in the early 1980s to create his own version of a traditional Asian chili sauce. The sauce was then born in Los Angeles and named after a town in Chonburi Province, Thailand, known for the original version of this chili sauce.

It started off mainly as an added ingredient in in Vietnamese pho, but now can be found in most food joints as a condiment equivalent to ketchup. I’ve found myself using it on pizza, spaghetti, eggs, and even mac & cheese! Not only is it used as a condiment, but also a cooking ingredient too. Because I love to cook, I decided to search recipes that incorporate this amazing flavor-booster and came across an article listing 10 ways to cook with it. So whether you’re craving Asian fish tacos or “firecracker” shrimp, try out these mouth-watering recipes!


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