The hottest fruits in Japan are white strawberries

The latest in food trends: the Japanese are going gaga over white strawberries, which have been appearing in a growing number of supermarkets.  This rare delicacy is referred to as hatsukoi no kaori in the media and translates to Scent of First Love. The fruit is the brainchild of Miyoshi Agritech Co., which has been developing new varieties of strawberries in the last two decades. Apparently, the insides are also white, but the seeds are red.

Curious about what it tastes like? Japan Today described them as being “amazingly sweet and rich.” The Japanese are mainly using this fruit as presents for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and births. It’s no wonder that these strawberries are only gifted for big events — they certainly don’t come cheap; each one will cost you $6.


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