Can’t afford that Prada bag? Get the paper version.

Living in Singapore, I’ve totally seen ladies walking down the street proudly toting their Gucci bag.  Not the purse, the paper carrier.  Seems odd, but I guess it’s a status statement that these ladies can afford to shop at designer stores.  In China, fake designer paper bags have become the next trend in counterfeit fashion.  Going for only 79 cents or up to $6.30, cheapskate fashionistas can sport their favorite designer brands in the form of a paper baggie.

I know this trend sounds ridiculous, but it doesn’t surprise me at all.  I’ve said before that I’m convinced Asia is way more brand-conscious than the US, and this just proves my point that when it comes to wearing designer clothes, it’s often not about style, but the name.


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  • That’s freakin’ hilarious! Not surprising nonetheless.