Reasons why I love Vietnam

I recently saw this music video by Antoneus Maximus titled, “I Love Vietnam.” I was prepared for another cheesy Viet rap video but I’m actually quite impressed! I’ve been to Vietnam over a dozen times, and the video really captures its beauty and the many ways it has changed since the war. On top of that, the video makes Vietnam look totally hip and cool, which I agree with!

One thing that gets to me is when some Vietnamese Americans tell me they refuse to visit Vietnam because they believe that Vietnam is undeveloped and poor. If anything, it’s modernizing fast but still retains its rich culture. So if you haven’t visited Vietnam, I highly suggest you go!

Here are my top five reasons for why I love Vietnam:

  1. You can get delicious banh mi or a bowl of pho for less than $1 on the streets.
  2. You feel like you’ve conquered Mt. Everest after successfully crossing the hectic streets.
  3. Bargaining is welcome at the markets. In fact, it’s an admirable skill.
  4. Transportation is never an issue. Just hop on the back of a moped.  Hopefully you won’t be joined by five other people.
  5. The people are totally laid back, friendly, and know how to have fun (and I’m not just saying this because I’m Viet!).

(Thanks, Mike!)

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  • You can buy a lot of stuff with $100 😀

  • ForeverVietnam

    Hi! Nice to meet ‘cha, I’m a Vietnamese, too! Still livin’ and kickin’ here an Vietnam, and I understand perfectly the reasons why you love Vietnam!
    Thank you for loving Vietnam 😀