Rent a boyfriend for Chinese New Year

Thought it was ridic how Chinese companies rented white people?  Well, as Chinese New Year approaches, women in China are renting boyfriends to bring home to show their parents.

Anyone who’s been to a Chinese New Year reunion knows relatives can be pretty blunt with awkward and totally unanswerable questions like, “When are you getting a boyfriend?” or “Why aren’t you married yet?”  To stave off these familial interrogations, some Chinese women have rented temporary boyfriends on shopping websites such as

Rates are apparently pretty competitive, starting at about US$240 per day.  On top of that, the woman also pays for transportation and lodging.  But lest you worry that you’re hiring a creeper, sex is (usually) clearly stated as out of the question.

Sounds like a crazy plan for getting a trophy bf, but it’s true that many of my Asian girlfriends get a lot of flack from their family for being single!


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  • Ahaha. This is hilarious and genius. I should do this for my big family events. Except that I wouldn’t know what to do when they asked to follow up on said boyfriend after that one event, lol.

  • Sita

    Lying is a no no 🙁

  • Fmstlr

    That girl in the picture has a boner. It’s a TRAP!!