Last-minute Xmas gifts for the fobby mom & dad

It’s that time of year again when we’re all scrambling to figure out what to get our hard-to-please Asian parents. If you’ve already exhausted the list from last year, here are some new ideas that hopefully won’t end up being re-gifted by your parents. You better hurry up because Christmas is just around the corner!

1. Battle Hymn of the Tiger MotherI gave my mommy this book for her birthday and she actually loved it, claiming that it’s like reading a biography of herself. Whether or not you consider your mother a “Tiger Mom,” Amy Chua’s story is one many Asian mums can probably relate to and enjoy.  $17.13 at

2. Thick Asian blanketYou’re not a true fob unless your family owns one of these mega thick blankets that usually have a “naturesque” print on it. Although they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing blankets, they’re super warm and comfortable (and not to mention heavy). This is the perfect gift for the cold winter. $64.00 and up at Imported Blankets (or your nearest Asian mall).

3. Korean drama seriesAsian parents will sit in front of the TV for hours if you get them started on a Korean drama series. Don’t worry if they aren’t Korean, these drama series usually come in subtitles or dubbed in your language of choice. Make sure you include a box of tissues for the often occurring scene where a character ends up losing the love of his life to a fatal disease.

4. Hot pot setA family that eats together, stays together. Encourage your parents to throw a hot pot party with this handy set which can be used to cook fishballs, tofu, beef, veggies, or whatever your family likes to put in their hot pot.  $79.99 at (or alternatively you can find a cheaper one at an Asian supermarket).

5. Water boilerFobby parents always need hot water, whether it’s for their tea, instant ramen, or to simply kill off the bacteria in tap water. Ditch the old tea kettle and get your parents this high-tech Zojirushi vaccum electric hybrid water boiler. $199.99 at Target.

6. Asian TV channel subscriptionGetting your parents to watch”Jersey Shore” or “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” with you might not be the best idea. Instead, contact your local cable operator to subscribe to an Asian channel such as CCTV, KOAM, or SBTN. You can also start watching these channels to brush up on your language skills!

7. Grandchildren—If you’re an Asian son/daughter, you probably know how it feels to be constantly nagged about getting married so that your parents can become a grandparents before they reach the age of 80. So if you’re married and have yet to put some buns in the oven, give your mama and papa the priceless gift of being a grandparent!

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