Fobby hottie of the month: Zee Avi, Malaysian songstress

Here’s a perfect Christmas gift for that music lover—Zee Avi’s new album, Ghostbird.  I only recently discovered Zee Avi’s music while guiltily indulging in an E! News episode back in Singapore (perhaps that show isn’t all garbage!), and I’ve been playing her music on repeat ever since.

The 25-year-old Malaysian is originally from  Sarawak, Borneo Island, but now lives in Brooklyn, New York.  I love how she blends traditional Malay sounds into her folk-style music. Brushfire Records, which is partly owned by Jack Johnson, discovered her after Avi’s music took off on YouTube.

Check out her psychadelic music video for the song, ” The Book Of Morris Johnson,” from her new album.

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  • Mimiss

    Omg I love her!!! I didn’t know she was Malaysian!