Shaolin monks treat NBA baller’s sports injuries

I’m a huge fan of alternative medicine, especially the kind that comes from the motherland a.k.a. the Far East. I see an acupuncturist regularly and it has done miracles for all kinds of ailments, even my carpal tunnel stricken hand.

Looks like NBA ballers are catching on to the Chinese medicine trend. Mickael Pietrus, a NBA player from the Phoenix Suns, recently sought treatment for his knee from Shaolin monks in the Henan province of China. He had missed 12 games during an NBA season because of his knee, and I guess that drove him to try more unconventional therapies.

The Shaolin temple where he was treated has its own hospital, which also counts Shaquille O’Neal as one of its more famous patients. The medical establishment at the Buddhist temple has been around for a 1,000 years. Apparently Pietrus’ treatment was a success and he claims that he no longer experiences knee pain.

This sounds pretty amazing, and as an avid proponent of Chinese medicine, I’d love to visit this temple one day!

(Thanks, Hubert!)


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