Forget Arial or Times New Roman, try Leg Hair Font


Not many of us find artistic inspiration from leg hair. But Mayuko Kanazawa, a 20-year-old student at Japan’s Tama Art University, decided black, coarse strands would make for a great font. She came up with the idea when the Department of Design at her school challenged students to create new typefaces without the aid of their computers.

As she was thinking of ideas, she happened to glance at her friend’s hairy limbs when he was complaining of leg pain. That’s when her light bulb went off and Leg Hair Font was born. She then went on to manipulate the strands to create the letters of the alphabet, which I’m sure was a painful experience for the poor guy.

Since then, her font has appeared in an Adidas summer sale ad.  Maybe the late Steve Jobs, who first introduced typography to Mac computers, would be fascinated by Kanazawa’s invention of this wispy and curly-looking typeface. Who knows, maybe we’ll see it alongside Windings in the future.

(Thanks, Brandon!)


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