Snail slime: Better than botox?


You know that slimy trail that snails leave as they slide across the ground?  Well, put that stuff on your face and apparently your acne, wrinkles, and scars will improve dramatically.  In Asia, snail creams have become the hottest phenomenon in beauty products. A Korean company, It’s Skin, recently launched a hugely successful product called “Prestige Cream d’escargo.” Able C&C, which owns the Korean beauty brand Missha, came out with their own snail cream last June.  In fact, since I moved back to Singapore last month, I’ve been bombarded daily by Facebook ads for “Snail Street: No. 1 Snail Cream in Japan.”

Obviously, I couldn’t help but click on this bizarre ad.  Here’s what I’ve learned about our slithering friends: You wouldn’t have realized it, but snail slime has incredible regenerative qualities — it’s what allows snails to regenerate their own shells when they get injured in the wild.  Snail creams started in 1980 when a Chilean family had a snail farm, and the farmers noticed how soft their hands were, and how quickly cuts healed without any scars.  The eldest son was a doctor, and did research on snail secretions.  Turns out, their snails produced a slime that could heal human skin.  Snail creams started selling in Europe years ago, but only recently has it become really popular in Asia.

Honestly, I’m torn.  I’m utterly curious, but even talking about snails makes me cringe.  I shudder at the thought of their slimy antlers feeling their way through the ground.  Ick.

What do you think — would you try this?  A jar of the cream costs about $43 here, if you’re brave enough to buy it!


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  • Kaylene

    they said the same thing for SKII! like how the old people’s hands looked so young and wrinkle free from the supposed active ingredient pitera. when BB cream was introduced in korea few years back they also hailed it as a miracle all-in-one moisturizer foundation blah blah but its really nothing amazing. i think its all gimmicks!