Crooked teeth trendy in Japan


Remember your awkward teen years when your parents invested thousands of dollars to get you braces? While it sucked getting food lodged in your braces and being called metal mouth, I’m sure you’re happy today with your nicely-aligned teeth.

Well, don’t move to Japan if you have perfect pearly whites, because it’s actually a fashion trend to have crooked teeth. Many Japanese are even paying their dentists to create “snaggleteeth” or “fangs” to complete their smile. Apparently, yaeba or “double tooth,” is considered attractive to Japanese men.

I always find it fascinating to compare how different cultures define beauty. For example, in addition to preferring straight teeth, Americans tend to like tanned skin and don’t mind women who are curvy. Asians tend to favor fair skin and very petite figures. However, when it comes to this vampire-teeth look, it doesn’t seem to be widely recognized as a beauty trait yet. I did a Facebook poll and asked a bunch of my male friends ranging from all backgrounds, including Japanese, if they thought the girl pictured to the right was attractive. The majority either answered, “No, because they can’t get past her teeth,” or “Maybe, if she closed her mouth.” Only a couple actually confessed to finding her attractive, but who knows, maybe beauty will be redefined one day to include crooked teeth.

Personally, I still prefer Julia Roberts’ perfect smile, I must give it to the Japanese for embracing imperfections!

(Thanks, Darrin!)


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  • eric

    My (Japanese) wife has teeth that are crooked, but for me its very endearing and attractive. She has a brilliant smile, even if her teeth aren’t straight. Maybe even because they aren’t.

    Love you, sweetness!