Miss Thailand: If I were an animal I’d be plankton

I found a video of Miss Thailand’s interview on the Miss Universe 2011 YouTube Channel and her answers were certainly a little cringe-worthy. However, I feel bad for these straight-from-Asia contestants because their poor grasp of English is obviously holding them back in their answers. I must say however, the Thai beauty really should’ve stuck to a less complicated organism when they asked her what animal she’d like to be. Even I would’ve found it hard to articulate the joys of being plankton in English!

It’s kind of sad that the candidates who blew me away with their answers are those whose first language is English; it is a Western competition after all. Be sure to take a look at how the polished Miss Malaysia eloquently (obviously thanks to English being her native tongue) answers the questions in the video below:



On another note, can we give a hip, hip, hooray for two of our fobby sistahs — Miss China and Miss Philippines — who made it to the top five finalists of Miss Universe 2011???

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  • Irene

    Perhaps letting the contestants answer in their native languages would give them each equal opportunity?