Macbook Air can be used as a knife

This might make airport security checks even more complicated.  Apparently, the Macbook Air doubles up as a metal knife.  Well, at least it does for a Japanese man who was inspired by the computer’s beveled shape.  He demonstrates on YouTube how to use the Macbook to peel carrots, slice mushrooms, cut apples and even de-vein shrimp. Really!  The only ingredient that didn’t quite cut well was bacon—I guess it was too fatty and slimy.

Even though two of my biggest pet peeves are blunt knives and greasy keyboards, you’ve still gotta watch this!

Want to see more Macbook slicing?  Here are vids of him chopping up mushrooms, cabbage and an apple!


Food goes with laptops! Spilled water on your laptop?  Put it in rice.

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