Tommy Lee Jones back in Tokyo, makes me crave canned coffee

Kudos to Tommy Lee Jones. The actor is one of the few Hollywood stars to visit Japan after the March 11 disaster.  Jones was in Tokyo earlier this month to film the latest in a long series of commercials for Suntory’s BOSS coffee.  I didn’t realize this until recently, but Jones has been starring in these popular Japanese commercials for years now.  The TV ads feature him as an alien disguised as a human à la “Men in Black”  and is living in Japan to learn more about Earth.

Here’s one that I found particularly hilarious. He’s in the Akihabara shopping area in Tokyo, working as a camera man as he learns the ways of Japan’s quirky, anime-inspired people.  It’s so awkwardly awesome…you gotta watch it!

Suntory has made over 30 commercials featuring him in these ads. Watch more here!

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