Japanese artist carves weird faces on bananas

Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada, 23, takes his banana craft seriously. Carving intricate faces onto the bananas with a toothpick and spoon, he completes one sculpture within 30 minutes, before the banana starts to brown.

Yamada, who is also an electrician, started this fruity project just two weeks ago, and it immediately took off. He has been receiving suggestions for carvings from fans and has created about 11 faces so far, including that of Elvis, Davey Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean, and a dragon. 

He says, “I just use an ordinary toothpick and a spoon from my house. I’m a perfectionist, and a simple design takes about half an hour…They can’t take much longer because then the fruit starts to go brown and I enjoy eating them once the work is done and I’ve taken a photo.”

I love how he eats the banana after he’s done with it — very eco-friendly of him!

(Thanks, Asuka!)



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