Single eyelids are sexy!

There’s been lots of talk about the recent CNN video interviewing a 12-year-old Korean girl who underwent surgery to change her single eyelids to double. It’s pretty disturbing to see girls go under the knife at such a young age.  But it’s even more scary to know that it’s their own mothers pressuring them to do so. Asian girls have taken extremes to make their eyes look bigger, from eyelid tape, to circle lenses, to using toothpicks to “scratch” in a double eyelid. In my opinion, Asian girls should be proud of their single eyelids! At least they’re less prone to eye wrinkles. Celebrities like Soo Hee from the Wondergirls and Han Ji Hye both look gorgeous with their single eyelids.

Now let me ask you this, would you rather look like these single eyelid beauties:


I think I prefer the Asian au naturale eyes over the artificially-created “possessed” eyes.

Can’t we be happy with our Asian traits? We love to rock the A-cups too!

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  • Aileen

    geez amy. Good job finding a terrifying “or” picture. I do like the makeup in single eyelid chick #1

  • Michael

    LOL I can’t speak for everyone, but I like asian girls because they look like asian girls, duh.

  • Andrew

    Natural is better.

  • Never understood the double/single eyelid fixation…still don’t. I honestly never notice such a minute facial feature.

  • Man, that last picture is hideous! Single eyelids look fine.

  • I have a double lid (genetics) but not so pronounced that I have to always follow the shape of the lid to contour and some days I have a single lid (depending on whether I’m tired or well rested).
    As a make up artist, I get all kinds of clients and the Asian clients for some reason always want the double lid look. Its way more fun to play with colors and layer different gradient complementary colors than make a fake contour. It also looks more natural if the fake contour is not created. I also don’t understand the taping of the lid, an Asian client of mine had me put tape on her lid to make the double eyelid effect and it was really weird. It doesn’t look right at all and makes for an awkward make up application to cover the tape up first before applying any shadow.

  • I know I’m late in commenting, but one thing that really annoys me about this whole single/double eyelid discussion is the connection that double eyelids = not Asian, or white. Plenty of Asians were born with double eyelids and still look Asian (myself included), and I don’t think the primary goal of blepharoplasty is to look like another race, but a different version of the same race. (You guys didn’t say that, but CNN alludes to it as well as other western media outlets.)

    Doesn’t make the obsession any less messed-up, though.

  • xMe

    I dont get whats with people cutting from single eyelid to double. I’m Asian, and when ever I look around, lots of the Asians have double eyelid.

  • toolateyeeeeeey

    you are too late in commenting so just SHUT UP