Fob revelation: the love for churros is universal

Who can resist sugary, fried dough?!  When I was in Beijing last week, I passed by this churros shop that was absolutely packed.  Apparently, Chinese people LOVE churros.  Go figure, because I learned after a bit of Googling that the traditional Spanish treat was originally a Chinese recipe.  I kid you not!

According to an online culinary encyclopedia:

“Historians suggest that churros were inspired by the You tiao which is a sort of fried stick prepared in Northern China. The idea was captured by Portuguese sailors who visited the Ming dynasty and brought along with them the wisdom of culinary techniques imparted by the Chinese cooks. The Portuguese passed on their culinary knowledge to their Spanish counterparts. Spanish cooks modified these sticks by passing them through a star cutter. The Portuguese had failed to grasp the exact technique of pulling the dough as the Chinese cooks did.”

That’s right, people.  If it weren’t for fobs, we wouldn’t have churros!

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  • The Chinese, Mexican dynamic is interesting. Not sure if you’ve been across the San Diego/Tijuana border, but the Chinese are surprisingly deep down there. The cultures have a history of inter-mingling in the Baja California area, which is not what comes to most peoples’ minds when they think of Tijuana.