It’s National Karaoke Week! 5 tips to fob-style karaoke

Omg, how did I not know about this most awesome commemorative week until now?  This week is National Karaoke Week!  Apparently, the last week of April marks this wonderful “holiday.”  If you know anything about me, Emily and Amy, you’ll know that one of our favorite pastimes is cramming into a tiny karaoke lounge and singing like our lives depended on it.  In fact, I actually don’t like karaoke-ing with huge groups because it means less airtime for me.

Now, I’m not talking about the “American” style karaoke.  Cheesy bars with an old, beat-up machine on a stage?  Pass.  I’m talking fob style — private 10 by 10 (or smaller) room, huge ass speakers, a remote-controlled karaoke machine, and a “music video” for each song featuring random scenes of waterfalls in Malaysia and Asian ladies in early 90s-style bikinis.  And if you’re a true fob, the word isn’t pronounced “care-ee-oh-kee,” but “kah-RAH-oh-kay.”  Or, if you’re a China fob, it’s “KTV.”

So from us karaoke stars, here are our five tips to fob-style karaoke:

1. Know no shame. American karaoke typically involves dragging a really embarrassed, drunk person to sing on the stage.  But fob-style KTV is enjoyed in the comfort of a private room, where karaoke regulars sing their fave songs with unabashed confidence.  And if you need a little liquid courage, there’s soju, sake or beer to go around!

2.  Pay attention when the waiter explains how to use the remote control. The buttons are typically in Korean, Japanese or Chinese.  If you’re like me and have the Chinese reading skills of a five-year old, pay attention!

3.  Don’t be a KTV jerk. There’s nothing I hate more than people who hog the mic or cancel other people’s songs.  Ugh.

4.  Pay up. Sometimes you’ll arrive late to KTV night, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.  Karaoke rooms charge by the hour, so just pay your fair share.

5.  Love your fobby fob. Obviously, you already do.  But when the non-English songs start playing and you have no idea what the words are, just sit back and chill out.  We need our fob time!

Fob style singing is the best…Yelp your local Asian karaoke lounge and celebrate this blessed week!

Think you’re killer at karaoke?  Read about the KTV lover’s ingenious iPad app, Thai red shirt soldiers busting out in song, and the cursed karaoke song that strikes singers dead in the Philippines.

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  • Sujan

    Couple of gimlet and I got my “Welcome to the Jungle” song blasting everytime I go K….now this holiday I didn’t know about… must go celebrate it. =)