Fobby must-haves: the hipster version of HK’s “red-white-blue” bag


You know you’re a fob if you’ve owned one of these plastic luggage bags!

Called hung bak lam doi (literally, red white blue bag) in Cantonese, these things are made of heavy-duty tarp.  They’re super cheap and durable, but utterly fobby.  In fact, whenever I see one of these while waiting at the luggage belt at the airport, I know without a doubt that the owner is an unabashed fob.

And that’s why I’m both amused and delighted to find that several high-end designers have taken to this iconic bag’s fobulous design.  Typically $2 at Hong Kong’s night market, the bag has apparently even inspired Louis Vuitton.

Most recently, the Japanese bag company, Porter, has partnered with Hong Kong brand, Clot, to remake the fob luggage bag.  Prices range from $113 for the tiny iPod case, and up to $450 for the backpacks. Yeah, the  collection regretfully screams hipster…but I have to admit that I really like their Macbook and iPod cases!  Cute!

Check out the full “RWB Series” and get your fobulously hipster bag here.

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  • Aileen

    we used sustainable bags first! well.. not me personally, my grandparents

  • filmbeats

    This bag comes in handy when I need to carry a lot of food. Usually when I’m catering for performers at my friend’s concert. The bag is surprisingly sturdy.

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  • CC

    I’m a little late to comment here, but it’s hardly fobbish for one to use these red, white, and blue bags. They’re popular overseas as well. I saw some residents of New York carrying what belongings they could evacuate with in the face of Frankenstorm Sandy.

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