Stephenie Park – another Asian contestant to root for? Yes, please!

AbFob announcement: We’re stoked to announce our Guest Fobber series. Kicking it off is our first guest writer, Vicky Yue, a Taiwanese American blogger who’s ready to flash her fobulous V for Victory sign anytime, anywhere.  Vicky is a journalism grad from Northwestern and also writes for the popular Asian American magazine, Hyphen.  Welcome, Vicky!

Like many immigrants and 2nd gens, I grew up supporting pretty much anyone of Asian descent who showed up television. Tennis player Michael Chang. Gymnast Amy Chow. Any Asian on American Idol, regardless of actual talent. That Yan guy on Yan Can Cook. Broadcast journalist Connie Chung. And the list goes on.

Asians in America have a new girl to root for: Stephenie Park, an attorney from Chicago who is a contestant on new reality show America’s Next Great Restaurant. And—get this—she has a BS in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Harvard. She also did a two-year stint in the Peace Corps. If this Ivy Leaguer’s history of accomplishments is any indication of her over-achieving tendencies, then we are certainly in for a treat. (Pun!)

So her restaurant, Harvest Sol, originally called Compleat, is based around the idea of portion control and will feature Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Okay, so the menu isn’t exactly fobby, but healthy eating is pretty fobulous any way you look at it. I’ll definitely be watching on Sunday to see if Stephenie will be one step closer to achieving her restaurant dream.

Hey, you know you wanna cheer for the hometown girl!

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  • Hubert

    Shouldn’t we be rooting for Sudhir who’s an actual FOB?!