Fobby must-haves: Chinese fruit cakes

Confession: I am really, really terrible at baking.  I blame it on the fact that in Asia, most kitchens aren’t equipped with ovens.  The first time I used an oven was after I moved to the US, since my college dorm room had an oven.  I happily tried to bake banana bread for my boyfriend.  I successfully ended up with a nice little banana brick.

Despite the lack of ovens in most Asian kitchens, there’s something I’ve realized:  Chinese fruit cakes are effing uhh-mazing.  I admit the decoration is usually a little on the fobby side, but it’s the only kind of cake I like (I’m not a big cake fan).  It’s so soft, light, not too sweet, and topped with fresh fruit.  Drool.

If you haven’t tried a Chinese fruit cake yet, Yelp “Chinese cake bakery” in your local neighborhood.  You’ll thank me later!

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  • Doreen

    I agree! Chinese fruit cakes with the soft and fluffy sponge fingers are the best! I am one of those people who hates rich cakes but I am able to eat half of a Chinese fruit cake by myself. Especially the Taro ones 🙂 . Same with the Chinese fruit tarts that have fresh cream layering the crust rather than custard. Nomnom !

  • Suzie Leung

    @Doreen – totally! Nom nom nom 🙂

  • joe

    i disagree. i don’t think chinese cakes taste as good as western cakes. maybe its because i’m use to the heavy flavour in western food. in general, i find Chinese desserts lacking.

  • E

    Viet-French bakeries make a Fruit Cake too that is delicious! It’s a must have every year for all occasions here in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.