Why Asian 7-Elevens are cooler than American ones

Cherry Slurpee?  Check.  Bag of chips?  Yup.  Japanese wrinkle remover?  Got it.  My brother who lives in Beijing snapped a picture of this uber fobby beauty tool that he spotted at his local 7-Eleven.  Apparently, rubbing your face with plastic rollers magically reduces wrinkles.

Maybe it’s some kind of universal fob thing, but we seem to believe that everyday products can offer the same benefits as plastic surgery.  And as you can see here, Japanese beauty gadgets and cosmetics are super popular, even in China’s 7-Eleven.

Now my question is, what the heck is the thing on the right side of the picture?!  It’s hard to see, but if you squint really hard you’ll notice the contraption involves legs and some kind of weird pulling motion.

(Thanks, Dunks!)

Can someone tell what is up with all these ridiculous beauty products, like the Japanese DIY nose job?

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  • The thing on the right is probably for varicose veins … or swollen ankles … or both …

  • Suzanne Leung

    @Xxxtine – Ohhh! That makes sense now. Thanks for explaining!