JLo’s “On the Floor” chorus is right out of Bollywood song

I’ve figured out why JLo’s new song “On the Floor” is so damn catchy.  After watching her music video several times, I thought to myself, “Man, that sounds a hell of a lot like some Asian song I heard growing up.”  I did some Googling, and found out…I was right!

Watch the first minute or so of old school Bollywood clip, then watch JLo’s music vid.

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  • chu-ying

    Haha! I thought it sounded familiar too! I had to dig deep back to ’89 when I was taking dance class in high school. The tune was originally Lambada, also the name of the sexy dance craze that thankfully ended along with teased bangs. Though the Bollywood version is way more fun to watch!

  • ASKadam

    True! However, it actually came out of a Bolivian Andean Folk Band called Los Kjarkas who made the song “Llorando Se Fue” in 1981. The song was translated (read: stolen!) by some French music producers, and Lambada eventually came out of that. Bollywood dipped into this tune as well, and lo and behold, the Ghayal song we grew up hearing. I just think Los Kjarkas deserve a TON more recognition than they’ve received. It’s thanks to them this tune even exists!

  • Suzanne Leung

    @chu-ying & ASKadam – Awesome historical info on that tune! I had no idea it went all the way back to Bolivia. Thanks guys!

  • alfonso

    dont be stupid, the original song was name LAMBADA google it

  • How cool is that? I knew the Lambada song was a def sample but I didnt know about the Bollywood tune, that vid looks a heck of a lotta fun!

    Alfonso needs to be quiet ‘cos I did play nice with Google… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambada_(song)

  • simon

    I rmember this song being on a tape album called ‘Songs of the Andes’ (or similar) – must be 30 years ago or more. Bought it from some Andean street players in London. It was played on pan pipes. Now rummaging to find it – was it a traditional Andean song even before it became ‘Lambada’?


    thank you for posting this!! I just downloaded the song yday and I realised that this song’s tune is soo damn familiar…though i have never really known song before(nor any song of Bollywood when i wasn’t alive) but i guess i must have heard it somewhere!!! thanks a lot!

  • David Derkatch

    tht is not originally bollywood it is Lambada Its by Kaoma a portuguese song .My wife is from colombia and listens to tht tht song has been out forever

  • Chandra

    Here is the JLo’s song’s wiki link .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Floor.
    Here is what it has to say…
    “Its development was motivated by Lopez’s Latina heritage and pays homage to her career-beginnings as a dancer. It contains an interpolation of the 1982 composition “Llorando se fue” by Los Kjarkas. The composition was previously sampled by Kaoma in their 1989 single “Lambada”. Gozalo and Ulises Hermosa are also credited as songwriters for the incorporation of “Llorando se fue.””

  • rishabh

    fully a copy of the indian song…..

  • Snehal

    Yes, the original tune is of the song Lamaba (Bolivian version). Ghayal movie had actually copied it from Lambada. So i can just say that we if our own houses are made up of glass we shouldn’t throw stones at others. I should actually thank JeLo that after her song we actually came to know the original tune and how well it is appreciated.