Why ripoff one company, when you can do two?

Whoever coined the phrase “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” obviously doesn’t know anyone anyone from China. I swear the Chinese will make a copycat version of everything. I guess it saves a lot of brain power and time to just ripoff of someone else. This guy, Mike Wong, took the best of both worlds — McDonald’s and Nike — to create the sign for his store. Check it out:

Also, anyone have any idea what the heck “Fast Food Asiatique” is?


For more fobby ripoffs, check out China’s version of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and Mercedes. Be sure to also take a peek at  India’s $35 iPad.

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  • RK

    The expression is not “cloned the phrase”; it’s “coined the phrase.” Typo probably caused by our spell checker.

  • Ken

    Get ’em in the door whatever it takes! Also, I’m sure the person who ‘cloned’ the phrase absolutely DOES know someone from China : D

  • I’m sending this to the Mike Wong(s) I know.

  • Emily Co

    @RK @Ken Thank you for spotting the “cloned” typo/fobby slip-up. You guys are such vigilantes! Now if you can only figure out what Fast Food Asiatique means…I’ll be eternally grateful.

  • I believe it’s just french for “Asian”. The signs next to the door seem to be in french too “Heures d’ouvertures” means “Opening Hours” (Though the text is microscopic and I could be wrong…)

  • JeMikel

    This is the Best thing that ever happened!!!!! It’s in Switzerland