The AbFob girls at Banana 2 and lovin’ it!

Remember me and Emily’s fobulous adventures at Banana back in ’09?  We’re now moving up in the world, people…well, in the world of bloggers at least!

Emily and I just got back from the Banana 2 blogger’s conference at CBS Studios in LA — we were invited to speak on a panel about diversity in the Asian American, or AA, community.

We would never have guessed that, less than two years into this, we’d find ourselves dialoging with other leading bloggers in front of 200 people about what it means to be a fob.  It was an amazing experience to be able to share our thoughts about finding our niche as a “modern immigrant” voice.  As Emily said, referring to trying to find our place in the community, “We’re not even AA, we’re just ‘A.'”

Watch the recording of our panel below (it’s long, so jump to 10:52, 22:00, 41:09 and 55:15 for the AbFob bits and use your headphones!) and then see me and Emily geek it out in an interview.

We’re sad to see Banana 2 end, but that just means we’ll have Banana 3 to look forward to, right? It was definitely exciting to make some new friends and meet up with old ones (especially our blogging parents Gil and Erin!). Here’s to better Banana things to come 2012!

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  • So great to see you both there – even if we unfortunately didn’t get to chat (next time!) Congrats on your panel – and thanks Suzy for your Q during the Niche Panel!

  • Suzanne and Emily, it was a pleasure to see you again at Banana last weekend. I’m inspired to interact more often with the blogger community. Keep it up.

  • Emily Co

    @Cbruns GREAT seeing you there, and you were a fabulous and witty moderator. Let’s definitely catch up sometime soon!
    @Ryan Thanks for your support! It was really nice seeing you again, too. =)

  • Maribeth

    YAY!!! Go AbFob 🙂 You guys sound great and I wish I could have been there in person!

  • g

    Congrats and way to represent AF! Gil was a great moderator… caught bits of the live stream in between cooking.