Fob revelation: Not all white people look the same

My embarrassing fob moment?  Introducing myself to one of my coworkers…for the third time in a day.  “Hi! I’m Suzanne!” I said.  He stared back at me for a while, then said, “Uh, we met this morning.”  Doh!  I guess I’m really fobby, because I’ve realized I have a harder time distinguishing between Caucasian people.  And it’s particularly bad with guys for some reason.  Either I’ll forget ever meeting the dude, or I can’t remember his name for the life of me.

Not to mention, there have been so many times when I’m watching a movie, and I’m utterly convinced that the white actor or actress is someone else.  Maybe it’s proof of the “other-race effect,” but here are some actors and actresses that I literally cannot tell apart.  I mean, I know not all white people look the same, but don’t the people below totally look like twins?!  (At least agrees with me.)

Other fob revelations?  Salads are considered meals here, umbrellas are not beauty tools, and discovering what a spork is.

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