Thai airline hires ladyboy stewardesses, makes girls feel insecure


Equal opportunity work for transsexuals is coming to the Thai airline business. Peter Chan, owner of a new airline called PC Air, wants to start the trend of ladyboy stewardesses because he’s excited about what it would mean for transgender people in Thailand. Chan says that “these people can have many careers – not just in the entertainment business – and many of them have a dream to be an air hostess…I just made their dream come true.”

One of the ladyboys picked to be a stewardess is Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn, who is on the picture to your right. I think this is an awful move, because do we really need more super beautiful women with extremely long legs as flight attendants to make us girls feel less womanly?


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  • j.

    “Ladyboy” is pretty transphobic language, just in case you weren’t aware…

  • Emily Co

    Thanks J — I actually did not know that. Will make sure to keep that in mind for future posts!

  • j.

    No, wait, now I am coming back to say I’m not sure about this! I’ve seen it used really transphobically in English but I don’t know enough about how it’s used in, say, a Thai context (do trans people there use it to ID themselves, or is it just used by people to insult them etc.) to know. So, um, yeah. I don’t know!!

  • insecktorb

    J. Get your facts straight before posting next time ok? PC Garbage.

  • AsianGirlInUS

    I am so very much impressed with Thai transsexuals, a lot of them are so pretty/beautiful!

    Although it does sometimes make me wish am prettier and taller than them, I really dont mind seeing them outside their stereotypical working atmosphere.

  • getbent

    Take a flight on the wild side.