Food trucks are old news to us fobs

I know food trucks seem to be a huge trend right now in San Francisco and several major cities in the US, but they are old hat to us fobs who grew up in Asia. First of all, we were pretty much raised in Singapore, a country with not only mouthwatering street food delicacies, but with strict sanitary laws which ensure you’re not eating food that’s been cooked in sewer oil. Remind me never to try street food in China.

Suzie and I attended a talk at the Commonwealth Club last night, and it was a gathering of people in the food truck industry talking about the sudden growth of the street food culture in mainstream America. Of course, Suzie and I heartily support this movement, but I must say I do have a little issue with how expensive the food is — come on, roadside food is supposed to cost about two bucks at most! But we can’t complain, because there’s nothing like good ol’ street dishes to warm and comfort the soul.

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