Li Ning’s shoes are real. Seriously.

OK, so I will admit that Li Ning’s logo kinda looks like a fake Nike swoosh.  But this Chinese shoe company is hoping to make genuine waves here in the US.  For any fob who has ever been interrogated by a customs official at an airport (cue AbFob girls raising their hands), Li Ning’s commercial below will be particularly cute and funny. The humorous low budget ad is apparently a take on real events, when a shipment of F2s that got stuck in US customs because the shoes, which are made almost entirely of rubber-like foam material, didn’t look real.

Li Ning’s trying hard to break into the lucrative US market, with NBA star Baron Davis modeling their shoes (check out Baron’s signature shoe on the left).  What do you think — will the Chinese sports brand make it here?

(Thanks, Hubie!)


I think we’ve got a soft spot for fobby shoe gurus.  Check out one of our early Fobby Heartthrobs of the month, Tony Hsieh of!

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