Fob revelation: A salad is a meal here


“Wait a minute, what about the rice?” was the first thought that came to mind when I went with some friends to a salad restaurant for lunch. Not to be all cliche and everything, but yeah, I do think a real meal consists of a portion of rice or noodles or at the very least, bread. Then I had a revelation. Maybe they were eating salads because they were on diets and want to lose weight! Turns out my aha! moment wasn’t accurate. I came to realize that people here actually consider salads as a viable meal and it’s not always a weight loss tool. I still don’t get it. Although you can use all kinds of yummy toppings (bacon bits, cheese, tofu, chicken, beef cubes, crispy thingys, to name a few), you’re still eating something that’s mostly lettuce, which is, like, 95 percent water!

I’ve been in the States for years and years, but I still have not succumbed to the “salad is a meal” way of thought. And don’t even get me started on soups.

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