Chinese parents can sue kids for not visiting home often

Don’t sue me, mom!  OK, so I’m pretty sure my mom was trying to be funny by sending me this newspaper clipping in an emailed titled “Visit old folks or else…” but you gotta admit it’s a tad unnerving (notice how she underlined the title in red ink!).  China is drafting a law that lets parents sue their kids for not visiting often enough.  The country already has a law that says kids are responsible for the financial upkeep or their elderly parents, but lawmakers are adding a bit that makes it legally binding for kids to regularly visit their parents if they don’t live under the same roof.


As any good fobby kid knows, filial piety is not just about respecting your parents — it’s also about giving them a cut of your paycheck and supporting them as they get older.  In many Asian countries, this family-based social security system has been under tremendous strain as older generations are living longer.  Add in the trend that families are getting smaller, things can get pretty tricky.

(Thanks, uh… Mom!)

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