Do you like this fob?

Aussie Julian Assange didn’t win the title of Time’s Person of the Year, but who cares about Time magazine when you’re Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks? OK, so I have to admit, the guy is oozes creepiness, what with his freaky, stalkerish emails to love interests in the past. Unable to face rejection, he flooded 19-year-old Elizabeth, whom he met at a bar, with repeated calls and emails, which slowly grew hostile as she spurned his advances. Then, he somehow obtained the license plate number of her car. To top it all off, he’s been accused of several rape charges.

Assange has definitely turned the world on its head, and we have yet to find out if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m still waiting to hear more about which bank he claims he’s going to bring down.

What do you think — do you support this troublemaking fob?

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  • Danny

    Why do I get the feeling these so called emails and rape charges are false. I wouldn’t be surprised if a future Wikileaks release shows which governments behind this smear campaign.

  • Clu

    Have you actually read the supposed “rape” allegations? In Sweden, it’s considered rape if you’re having consensual sex, the condom breaks and the guy doesn’t mention it. It’s scary to see a guy being put thru this without any shred of evidence to the accusations.