Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for a girly fob

Now that you’ve figured out what to get your fobby parents and your metro fobby guy friend, what should you give that sticky pic-obsessed, Hello Kitty-loving, girly fob in your life? Wonder no more! Read on to see gifts that will rock her peace sign-filled world.

Cell phone bling kit — There’s nothing fobbier than a blinged out cell phone crammed with crystals, Hello Kitty heads, plastic flowers, and more. Get your girly fob her own Hello Kitty Princess Decoden Perfect Kit ($23) so she can have a piece of fobulousity wherever she goes!

Samantha Thavasa bags — Although fobs love their Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Chanel totes, there’s also another pricey brand that Japanese gals are crazy about and it’s called Samantha Thavasa. I swear these stores are everywhere in Japan and the company has branched into jewelry as well. These bags are a wee bit too fobby for my taste, what with the uber kawaii design, but the American branch seems to tone down the cutesy-ness. The fobby gal in your life would love this Samantha Thavasa fuschia tote ($485)!

IQQU beauty products — This line of beauty products was created by YouTube star and makeup guru, Michelle Phan. Not only are we a fan of her makeup tutorials but we love that her products beautify us the fobby way.  Our personal favorites are the Jasmine Rice Scrub ($15) and the Red Kabuki Brush ($23.99).

Mini eyelash curlers Forget the expensive Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. These cute mini Japanese eyelash curlers make great stocking stuffers and they do a better job at making those straight Asian eyelashes super flirty. $5 at Sasa.

Soy milk facial wash — Soy milk isn’t just good to drink but also to wash your face with! The Dariya Soymilk Face Wash ($10) does an awesome job at removing all traces of makeup and dirt from your face. The soymilk apparently creates natural collagen for your skin so say bye to those wrinkles!

For more fobbyesque gifts, check out these awesome shirts from F.O.B. clothing line!

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