Peanuts for pills — how a hospital stays alive by bartering

One reason why I love blogging is being able to share with our fans news from around the world, particularly news from sections of the paper that people might not typically flip to or click through.  I’ve long been drawn to and saddened by news from the African country of Zimbabwe — its economic potential has been razed by corruption and destructive decision-making, and in this case, by its dictator, Robert Mugabe.

NYTimes has an inspiring short clip on how Chidamoyo Christian Hospital, a small rural hospital, has kept itself and its patients alive by using a bartering system.  Cash is scarce in Zimbabwe, which currently uses the American dollar.  In 2008, inflation increased by 500 billion percent, leaving the country’s currency worthless.

Instead of cash, patients at the hospital trade medical services for peanuts, pigs and chickens. Check out this fascinating story!


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