Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for mom & dad

Christmas shopping for Asian parents is probably one of the hardest tasks. Instead of “thank you,” I usually get responses like, “I don’t need this!” or “save your money.”   Doesn’t really help when you want to give them something right? However, I do notice that fobby parents have the same taste for things. So with that in mind, hopefully your mom and dad would appreciate some of these gift ideas!

1. Tempur-Pedic Comfort-Step Slippers—I think I was taught never to wear shoes inside the house before I could even walk. Fobby parents love clean floors. Help them keep their house dirt-free while staying comfortable in these slippers.  $49.95 and up at Brookstone.

2. Ginseng—Asian parents think this stuff cures cancer. Every time I’m sick, my mom makes me drink ginseng tea. I’m sure she secretly puts ginseng into my pho too. While I’m not quite sure what I’d do with ginseng root and extract, I’m sure your parents will.  $59 for a gift set at Korean Ginseng Root.

3. Glass teapot—Ditch those boring porcelain teapots. Now your parents can brew that ginseng tea in style with this cute glass teapot! $59.95 at up at Teavana.

4. Polo Shirt—Asian men probably make up over 50% of Lacoste’s customers. No fobby dad’s wardrobe is complete without a polo shirt.  While the stylish dads rock the Lacoste brand, a true fob gets his polo shirts from Crocodile. Unfortunately, this Lacoste knock-off is only found in Asia so you probably have to stick to the real thing.  $49.99 and up at Macy’s.

5. “As Seen on TV” products—Why are these useless TV products so attractive to Asian parents? My guess is the “buy one get 3 free” marketing scheme works on them. Do your parents own a Clapper? How about a Bender Ball? My personal favorite is the Shake Weight. Video tape mom or dad using one and I guarantee it will go viral.  $19.95 on

6.  Sun-shielding apparel—Sunlight is like kryptonite for Asian moms. Help your mom maintain her fair skin with a tennis visor ($8.88 on Amazon), a parasol ($6.95 and up from Asian Import Store), and Dr. Shade sun gloves ($39.36 on Amazon).

7. Perfect grades—I kid, I kid =)

If you haven’t bought your fobby guy a Christmas gift yet, here are some ideas!

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  • Bond

    #6 sun visor…………..MUST HAVE the UPDATED version (sorry no pic) which is a SEE-THRU visor that covers the face and acts like sunglasses too. The figuratively translated name from Chinese –> English = SUNGLASS VISOR. Available at many fobby-gift shops/markets in fob-towns for approx $8-10ish. YMMV.

    #6 sun gloves…………MUST have “SUN SLEEVES”……instead of ONLY gloves for hand-coverage, these completely separate SLEEVES cover the entire arm and protect it from the sun, especially while driving. Available at some fobby-gift shops/markets in fob-towns…..or just be a REAL FOB and make your own……re-use sleeves from an old shirt/jacket…..or wear a long-sleeved shirt “backwards”. YMMV.

  • Bond

    found a pic….note that the visor can flip “down” for full-face coverage… a welder’s protective faceshield.


  • Amy

    @Bond, thanks for the suggestions! Those definitely bring the fobby notch up!

  • LMAO … this post was hella funny. I don’t post too many “blog coverages” on my wall, but this has entertained me to the extent where it attained itself some degree of worth. Great job Amy :]!

  • Amy

    Thanks Lester! If you have trouble getting your parents stuff next year, you know where to turn to =)