Fobby Xmas must-haves: Gifts for a guy

Want more Fobby Xmas must-haves? Inspired by the obsessively well-groomed, truly fobby male, we decided to dedicate this post to him.  Sure, these girly guys may have been termed “herbivores” for their lack of manliness, but if Japanese host boys are sporting immaculately coiffed hair and perfectly plucked eyebrows to impress the ladies, metrosexuality must have some appeal, no?

To get you inspired, here’s a video featuring several clips of Japanese superstar Tayuka Kimura’s ads for Gatsby.  Yes, his flair is almost hilariously metro, but ladies love him in Japan!

1. no! no! electric hair zapper for menFollicles stand no chance against the painless, heated zapping of the no! no!  We’ve covered this wonderful gadget before, and we’ll mention it again because it’s such an awesome, fobby gadget.  I personally love their pink one. $99 at Sephora.

2. Biore Men’s Pore Strips — OK, so giving this might admittedly be like passive-aggressively telling someone  he has bad breath by giving him a piece of gum.  And you obviously wouldn’t give this as a standalone gift.  But as a stocking stuffer, along with a few other manly beautifying products?  Totally works.  $8 and up on eBay.

3. Gatsby Hair Clay — I don’t know how it all started, but there’s a very distinct hairstyle for fobby dudes.  It’s messy yet immaculate, spiky yet floppy.  And to get the unique coif, your generic gel won’t cut it — you need Gatsby hair clay.  This stuff is like cement for your hair, only it leaves your hair totally pliable and soft even after styling.  $4.50 and up on Amazon.

4. SK-II Skin Whitening Lotion — If you’re a true Asian fob, a sun-kissed tan is not something you’d associate with sexy.  We wrote about how in countries like India, women aren’t the only ones trying to get a porcelain-white complexion.  In Asia, the leader in high-end skin whitening lotions is probably Japanese brand SK-II.  $60 onwards at Nordstrom.

5.  Manpurse from Porter — Sporting a manpurse doesn’t mean you have to compromise your macho-ness, especially if you’re wearing a stylish one from the uber trendy Japanese brand, Porter. actually rated Porter bags 9/10, praising both its high quality and style, so I’m not making this up!  The bags are a bit difficult to find in the States, but check out and eBay.

Need more Xmas present ideas?  Check out last week’s gift guide, featuring an exclusive interview with F.O.B. Clothing!

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