Twitter hashtag #Asian is full of r-rated tweets

Our pal on Twitter shared an interesting fact about the #Asian tag. If you just take a look at 99 percent of the tweets under #Asian, you’ll see that most of them look pretty pornographic. But if you go to the #Black #AfricanAmerican #Mexican tags, you won’t find the same “phenomenon” over there. I’m gonna open this up to you readers — what do you think is going on? Is the model minority also the most sexualized ethnic group?

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  • N

    Unfortunately, I think you’re spot on with your last sentence/statement – there’s really no other explanation.

  • Koiyuki

    In my view, a lot of that has to do with the collective cultural perception other societies have about Asians, especially Asian women. Since, stereotypically, they’re seen as obedient and meek, coupled with the emphasis on youthful features that pervades popular Southeast Asian media-IE gravure[Japanese pin up] models and the historical admiration of doll-like features-it makes them easy to fetishize and capitalize on. Similar things can be found in Southeast Asia, concerning Western-style women, and can create some equally dehumanizing things, like when Western-looking women are hired to work Japanese bars based purely on their asthetic appeal. Porn itself, though, is well known for dehumanizing the experience of love making and exploiting traits stereotypically associated with those of other ethnicities or ways of life(having a Latina porn star take up a role as an illegal immigrant maid that gets it from a Caucasian male, for example), so something like this shouldn’t be as great a shock. It’s still quite disgusting, though, especially as a son of illegal immgrants hearing about the kinds of roles played out by porn actresses that aren’t Caucasian. One doc on the subject of porn I highly recommend is The Price of Pleasuse, since it’ll open your eyes to a lot of the viewpoints of both sides of the spectrum. I know I never saw porn the same way again after watching it

  • Koiyuki

    Small anendum: it’s called The Price of Pleasure, and after Googling it, turned up this counter point blog spot to the points the film makes: