The Office takes on China: a sign of the times

To raise their ratings, TV shows often weave really popular topics into their episodes just to get people watching and talking. The Office follows that golden rule and spins episodes off hot topics such as Glee and, naturally…China.

We at Absolutely Fobulous have been clued into the China hype way before The Office. I mean, our tag cloud speaks for itself — check out how the other tags are dwarfed by the ginormous China tag.

Thursday’s episode was hilarious, and I was pretty impressed by Michael’s “fake” knowledge of the communist country (he was reading off of a cheat sheet). To me, the episode signals the trend of people becoming more accepting of China as a global superpower. I mean we’re actually seeing the country featured in a good light on mainstream American TV. I think this is just the very beginning, and we’ll definitely see more and more positive Chinese references in American pop culture going forward.  Seriously, a feature in The Office should be part of any developing country’s success checklist:

  • Overtaking Japan as the second largest economy. Check.
  • Becoming the biggest consumer in the world. Check.
  • Getting a spot in The Office (Whoohoo! In your face!). Check.

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