Wikileaks? Psh. Now THIS is a scandal (at least Singapore thinks so)

So everyone is talking about Wikileaks.  The NY Times has a whole front page section on it.  BBC’s top story is all over it.  But when I read Singapore’s Straits Times last night, their top story under “Breaking News” was about… (wait for it)… the racy swimming trunks donned by Singapore’s water polo team.

Oh my!  Forget Wikileaks.  Now we’re talking scandal.  Apparently the team was scolded by the Information Minister for the “inappropriate” design that didn’t display the flag in a dignified way.  Ah, the sheer embarrassment of an inconveniently (or strategically?) placed crescent moon.

Oh, Singapore. The country where one must register before “rioting” in their deserted, middle-of-nowhere Speaker’s Corner.  My lovely hometown.  Healthy political debate never took off in this country, probably because the government has created a self-perpetuating cycle of apathy among its citizens.  The government-owned newspaper self-censors many politically provocative issues, so readers either end up not knowing about it or just simply stop caring. In turn, The Straits Times writes what people do want to read – do a quick scan of the “Most Popular” stories this afternoon and you’ll see a traffic accident as a top story. Not to make light of a traffic death, but I’m just fascinated that readers of the national newspaper of such a global hub-city are more interested in local neighborhood-type of news. The Straits Times had a circulation of over 1.44 million daily readers in 2008, so it’s definitely not your mom and pop publication.

Anyway, all this political stuff is, like, totally boring me.  How about them sexy speedos!

Speaking of crotches, crescent moons and everything inbetween, read about Japan’s stinky penis-like “corpse flower,” the “seductive eye contact” of Singapore’s sexy bimbos, and China’s body-painted World Cup models.


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